Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Memorial to Sabrina Belladonna

The Fetish Community is currently mourning the loss of a dear friend and legend in the BDSM community, Sabrina Belladonna.

Sabrina passed away on Sunday, June 7, 2009. We have all felt the very deep shift of loss within our hearts. Her enormous contributions to the BDSM community over the years have been immeasurable.

Sabrina Belladonna was a friend, leader, educator, mentor, a Pro Dom that was well respected and loved in the community. She truly believed in and practiced Sisterhood.

The world and our community has a great void that can never be filled. No words can express the depth of how this will affect us all. She is missed.

With love in our hearts we wish her love, peace and eternal happiness.

Thank you Sabrina Belladonna, for blessing us with the time, well spent, that you gave to us.

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