Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zen Master - New "Power Kundalini" Yoga Class for the Dom/Domme/Top/Mistress/Master

Want to know more.....

This class is not about how far you can bend or stretch.
This class is not about "getting in shape".

Although many of us are able to harness energy, we still become drained.

Using various Kundalini Yoga poses and breathing techniques, you can learn to "re-energize" yourself, harness another's energy and create energetic walls around yourself to block out interference.

-Find the power within, feel less drained.
-Do you need to learn better relaxation techniques to have a clear mind to be more alert?
-Feel better naturally.
-Learn to have better focus, be more receptive, more connected.
-Get in touch with a deeper personal power source.
-Last longer for "play" time.
-Learn to harness inner and outer power sources.

Many people within the BDSM Community can sometimes "get burned out". You know that's when it's time to "take time for yourself" and recharge. But how does one do that....through Kundalini Yoga you can learn techniques to recharge and take that Kink experience to a higher level, opening your creative mind.

Kundalini is your own personal power source. Learn to harness it.