Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why I started Yoga for Bondage.

How many times have you gone to Yoga class, the gym, Pilate's, or any of the other "exercise" classes having some idea of a goal, maybe to lose weight, strengthen you body, clear your mind....but when you got home, there was that little piece of your life that didn't quite connect with society's idea of "trying to get healthy" or "trying to find inner peace".

Find it difficult to raise your arm in Yoga class to ask if there is a particular breathing technique to help you through the long held poses, while being tied up by your Dom.

Did you ever find it uncomfortable explaining to your Massage Therapist that your shoulder hurts from a previous night of flogging? Have you ever wondered who to ask on how to strengthen your "flogging arm"?

Most of the world is vanilla, and if you aren' can sometimes be frustrating and utterly boring.

There are moments in classes that I wished could ask questions, and when I did, the face of the instructor crinkled up (and the others around me in class just snickered).

So I decided that it is important to give those in the BDSM Community a place to EXERCISE freely, grow stronger, and where everyone around knows you're part of a KINKY community, body cares, they just accept you just the way you are, and you can go on stretching without judgement.