Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yoga for Bondage Class - note after the class

Today was the Yoga for Bondage - Class 2 in Downtown Los Angeles at The Academy

It was a wonderful spacious environment, the setting was calm with dark plush red rugs, and light from burning candles casting shadows on the walls.

Items that we addressed during class;
-Breath of Fire
-Root Lock (holding energy into the body)
-Getting rid of nervous energy
-Surrounding our environment with the strength of our aura
-Activating and stretching all areas of the Spine
-Stretching the groin area
-Shoulder girdle stretching
-Squatting to stretch the groin
-Using rope to stretch and lengthen arm flexibility

* It's important to understand that for any physical activity, you really need to have a healthy spine. If your spine is weak, you can strengthen it, if your spine is stiff, you can stretch it.

* If you want to lower your body to the floor in a slave position, you need to lengthen your upper back and increase your flexibility in your groin area.

One of the participants in class mentioned that next time maybe we could do an hour of Yoga and then an hour of Bondage, I am taking that HIGHLY into consideration.

If you have taken one of my classes, feel free to leave positive feedback from the class. If you would like to address particular items, or have suggestions, I would also like to hear your comments.

Lady C~

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kink Friendly Movement Therapists

Before you begin your journey into rope bondage, it's advisable to have your spine checked.

Getting your shoulders and your spine in shape and flexible is very important.

I have taught a lot about this in class, but since I may not currently be in your state teaching, you can watch one of the great kink friendly movement therapists I have found online.

Beatrice Rappaccini

Thanks for spreading the word in the community and making healthy stretching for the kink community available online.

Monday, April 20, 2009

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Kinkster: YogaforBondage

Why should I take Yoga for Bondage? What will the YFB class provide for me?

Why should I take Yoga for Bondage, and what will this class provide for me?

We all need a place we can go and be ourselves, strengthen our bodies, spirit and quiet the mind.

Sometimes that place is not available.

* Physical Strength

Many people that I come into contact with, do not focus on what they really need to keep their bodies strong for the long haul, and slowly the lifestyle wears on them. So very often I hear stories of limitations, because shoulder or back pain has decreased their play time.

For example, often I meet Dom's who have weakness with their main flogging arm.

A sub may go to the gym, yoga class, pilates, etc. but in the vanilla world, explaining to the sports trainer that we need to strengthen our knees because our Master made us kneel all weekend, may be a bit difficult or doesn't always go over real well.

I feel many individuals in the Leather and Kink Community need a place they can go to, be themselves and focus on getting healthier physically. A class that can give them the avenue
where they can get similar or better results than the gym, while expressing their personal lifestyle needs.

* Replenishment of Energy

If you are a glass of water, and you pour your water (energy) into someone else. How do you
replenish that energy?

Yoga for Bondage is this avenue of replenishment.

All of us in the Leather/BDSM community understand energy exchange, but many do not understand how to physically replenish the energy they just spent. This results in burnout.

Through the combination of focused exercises, stretching, and controlled breathe work.
Your mind becomes quiet, your spirit has a time to unwind and your inner self finds that relaxation it craves.

Exercise: Replenishing Energy
  1. Take 20 minutes out of your schedule today.
  2. Clear a space in your home or office.
  3. Take off your shoes and socks.
  4. Spread a blanket out or towel out on the ground.
  5. Stand straight and tall, arms at your sides.
  6. Take a deep breathe in, HOLD IT, and then slowly let it out.
  7. Begin jumping straight up and down, quickly as possible.
  8. KEEP jumping until you are worn out, then take a breathe and start again.
  9. Do this until you feel exhausted (about 2 minutes).
  10. Then lie down on the blanket, put your hands on your belly and taking deep breathes, breathe very slowly. Lie quietly for approximately 5 minutes.
  11. Then turn onto your right side, curl up into the fetal position and lie quietly, breathing slowly and deeply.
  12. Slowly raise yourself up and go about your day.
  13. Try NOT to talk to anyone for about 10 to 20 minutes after you do this exercise.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What does Yoga for Bondage mean...

May of you may have been to Yoga class.

Chanting, twisting and turning, stretching beyond your daily grind.
Trying to release your mind to another plateau....sometimes it happens,
sometimes it doesn't.

Many times, an individual doesn't really "understand" the form of Yoga they are participating in. Is it Anasura, Hatha, Astanga??? I do suggest that before you deliver yourself into a full practice of yoga, that you take a moment to do a bit of research. The word Yoga is actually term for a broad avenue of spiritual paths.

  • Bhakti yoga - The path of pure spiritual devotion to the divine. The fostering of loving devotion to God through the channeling of emotional energy into one's spiritual practice.
  • Jnana yoga - This is the Yoga of Knowledge, otherwise known as the path of wisdom. A philosophical approach to unveiling the illusions of the world by freeing one's body and mind from deluded perceptions.
  • Karma yoga - The focus of "duty" - giving of oneself without expecting any reward. One can experience the love of God by performing their duties in an unselfish manner for the pleasure of the Supreme.
  • Rhaja yoga - The focus of concentration and mind control. By disciplining yourself to balance your mind, soul and emotions, you may then connect with your individual spirit, which is in turn part of the Supreme Universal Spirit.
Personally, I feel that Leather/BDSM Lifestyle is another form of Spirituality. It's foundation and approach aligns with the yoga philosophy. Those who's life embraces the S&M path, or accepts life on the edge of it, know this to be true.

In my personal Yoga path, I have had the privilege of using "breathe" to take me deeper into my journey and fly higher.

In Yoga for Bondage, I will teach you this as well.

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